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Workers’ Compensation

All Western Australian employers are required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance. The insurance program is regulated through Workcover, a government agency.

Workers’ Compensation is payable to an employee who suffers an injury at work, whether the injury is physical or psychological.

An employee who is injured at work is entitled to weekly payments of compensation, reasonable treatment expenses, assistance with rehabilitation and reasonable travel expenses.

If you are injured at work, it is important that you notify your supervisor or employer immediately. All work related injuries, no matter how small, should be reported to your employer.

You should attend your treating doctor and request a first medical certificate. You do not have to attend a doctor chosen by your employer.

You should request a claim form 2B from your employer or download a claim form from the Workcover website.

You must provide the claim form and first medical certificate to your employer. We recommend you keep a copy of the claim form and first medical certificate.

Your employer has 5 days to pass the claim form and first medical certificate to its Workers’ Compensation insurer. The Workers’ Compensation insurer has 14 days to advise you whether your claim is accepted, pended or declined.

You might be advised that your claim has been pended because the Workers’ Compensation insurer needs to investigate the circumstances of your injury or further medical information is required.

If you have not heard from the Workers’ Compensation within 14 days of receiving the pended notice, we recommend you seek legal advice immediately

If you require legal advice regarding issues related to Workers’ Compensation, call us for assistance and speak to one of our experienced lawyers on (08) 9486 8088.

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