Is Insurance Surveillance Legal? Workers’ Compensation & Surveillance

Is Insurance Surveillance Legal?

Is the workers’ compensation insurer allowed to put me under surveillance? The short answer is YES. The workers’ compensation insurer relies upon information that you give them and your doctor about your level of activity following a workplace injury. If the insurance company believes you are not being honest, or you may be under reporting […]

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Sexual Harassment: What to do when the victim is the accused

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Accusations of sexual harassment can have devastating fallout. If allegations are untrue the “reverse” victim should immediately seek independent legal advice. Read Denise Chesworth’s full article in The West Australian here.

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Don’t just endure unwanted advances

sexual harassment in the workplace

Perth City Legal Director, Denise Chesworth, recently wrote an article for The West Australian on sexual harassment in the workplace. Read the full article here.

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The High Price of Workplace Bullying

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Perth City Legal are experts in Workers’ Compensation issues, including Workplace Bullying. Read an article Director, Denise Chesworth, recently wrote for The West Australian on this topic. Full article here.

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Workers' Compensation doctors appt

How many people are attending your Perth Workers’ Compensation medical appointments? We are being advised by an increasing number of our client’s that the workers’ compensation insurer, rehabilitation provider, employer or an employer representative are attending all their medical appointments. Know Your Rights Whether you are attending a doctor nominated and funded by your employer […]

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