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If you are injured in the course of work

While you focus on recovering, our medical compensation lawyers in Perth simplify the claim process and work to maximise your entitlements.

If you have made a Workers’ Compensation claim

Our experienced Workers’ Comp lawyers will alleviate the stress of managing a claim.

fair treatment With our workers' Compensation lawyers.

Perth City Legal is highly experienced in the Workers’ Compensation field. We help injured workers understand their rights, and get the compensation they deserve. We’re on your side. Together, we will ensure fair compensation without delays.

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Workers’ Comp claims explained.

Workers’ compensation protects the livelihood of Australian employees. Any employee who suffers a work-related injury or illness, including physical and psychological injuries, stress, and occupational diseases, can claim compensation.

“Worker” refers to full-time, part-time, seasonal, and casual workers. Contractors and freelancers may not be covered automatically.

A worker who is injured at work in Western Australia is entitled to:

work injury lawyers Perth

Perth City Legal is dedicated to helping Western Australian workers recover the compensation they deserve. We are a boutique firm specialising in Workers’ Compensation claims in WA, with personalised service guaranteed.

With over 20 years of experience, our Perth workers’ comp lawyers have the knowledge and skills to get the best outcome for your claim. You won’t pay a cent in legal fees until we secure a successful outcome.

common law claims

Strict time limits apply for serious injury claims. Our compensation lawyers are on your side every step of the way.

Common law claims

stress claims

Our lawyers can help you understand your entitlements and file claims for work-related stress.

Stress claims

Settlement offers

There are consequences to settling injury and illness claims. Talk to a workers’ compensation lawyer before deciding.

Settlement Offers

workcover lawyers perth

If you need legal representation for a Workcover application, our experienced Workcover lawyers in Perth can assist.


Our approach to Workers’ Compensation claims

Our work injury lawyers in Perth are equipped to advise on a broad range of issues, including physical injury, psychological harm, stress, and work-related disease. We also advise on, develop, and execute strategies in this ever-evolving area of law. Find out about what you should consider before making a workers' compensation claim.

Proven Experience

Perth City Legal has helped over 2,000 Western Australians pursue the Workcover claim they are entitled to.

personal service

Being a small team means our Perth compensation lawyers can dedicate our full attention to your claim.

99% Success rate

We have the resources to take on corporations trying to deny workers fair compensation and the experience to navigate complex claims.

multi-skilled team

Perth City Legal is dedicated to personal injury claims, including workers’ compensation, sexual harassment, bullying and motor vehicle accidents.

We make workers’ compensation claims easy.

At Perth City Legal, we understand that workers’ comp claims can be daunting. We help you get the compensation you deserve without encountering stress while you recover.

Our office is located in the heart of West Perth within easy reach of public transport and public parking.

Book a free, confidential consultation by phone or in person to experience the difference of a Perth workers’ comp lawyer who’s on your side.

What to do if you are injured at work.

Step 1

All work-related injuries, no matter how small, should be reported to your employer or supervisor immediately.

Step 2

The next step is seeing a doctor to request a first medical certificate. You do not have to attend a doctor chosen by your employer.

Step 3

You should request a workers’ compensation claim form from your employer or download a copy from the Workcover website.

Step 4

You must provide the claim form and first medical certificate to your employer. We recommend keeping a copy of the claim form and the first medical certificate.

The workers’ compensation claim process.


Report the injury to your employer immediately.


Seek treatment and obtain a medical certificate.


Submit a workers’ compensation claim form.


The employer has 5 days to complete their part of the form.


The insurer will notify you of the outcome within 14 days.

Employer requirements.

Any Australian business that hires workers under a written or oral employment agreement is obliged to have workers’ comp insurance.

Obligations for Perth employers during a Workers’ Comp claim

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Obligations for Perth employers during a Workers’ Comp claim

Workcover WA requires employers to pass the claim form and first medical certificate to the workers’ compensation insurer within 5 days. The insurer then has 14 days to advise you, the injured employee, whether the claim is accepted, pended or declined.

We recommend you seek legal advice immediately if you have not heard from the workers’ compensation insurer within 14 days of receiving the pended notice.

Is your workers’ compensation lawyer on your side?

Workers’ comp in WA can be complex. The best way to ensure that you are fully informed about your rights and obligations is to speak to an experienced work injury lawyer in Perth. At Perth City Legal, our experience on both sides of the claims process means we can remove the stress of managing your claim, recovering maximum entitlements and help you return to the workplace after your injury.

Perth City Legal

What experience does the lawyer have in workers’ compensation?

Did the lawyer provide prompt and courteous responses to your questions?

How long has the lawyer been in practice?

Did you get straight answers to your questions?

How often does the lawyer attend Workcover?

Did the lawyer listen to you or seem preoccupied?

Who else from their team would be working on your case?

Is the lawyer someone with whom you would be comfortable working?

How will you be kept informed of developments in your case?

Are you confident the lawyer possesses the skills and experience to handle your case?

What chances of success or failure did the lawyer indicate?

Write a list of questions to ask the lawyer.

Thoroughly list all the expenses you are claiming.

Prepare a detailed account of the accident or event, and the injuries you sustained.

Bring copies of any correspondence from the workers’ compensation insurer.

Get copies of all medical reports from your treating doctors.

Injured workers are often unclear about their rights and obligations under the Western Australia workers’ comp laws. For this reason, you need to choose a workers' compensation lawyer who guarantees personal attention and professional service.

Contact Perth City Legal's Work Injury Lawyers.

Read what our clients say about their experience with us. We understand that you need a work injury lawyer in Perth you can trust; one who acts in your best interests every step of the way.

Please call Perth City Legal for a free, confidential consultation and advice from one of our expert medical compensation lawyers in Perth.

We never expected to need legal assistance but when my husbands workers compensation claim was declined without good reason, Matthew Webster guided us through the stressful conciliation process. He made a very difficult time in our lives much easier. As a result of Matthews professional negotiations, we have received the settlement offer that we deserve.

- Tennille Moir

Carl from Perth City Legal was fantastic dealing with my case. I was being bullied by insurance company and once he took over my case I felt empowered and protected. Big shout out to Tracey too who kept me in the loop and organised everything for me. I would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone dealing with insurance claims.

- David Cox

I couldn’t be happier with Perth City Legal. The result was better than I expected. A special thanks to Matt Webster who did an outstanding job on my claim. He is very professional and made me feel at ease throughout the entire process.

- Marty A

I would like to thank you for all of your hard work on my case. You were extremely professional but kind in the way you handled my situation and I am very grateful for that.

- Tracy Reeves

A world of thanks to Perth City Legal for guiding me through a legal minefield and achieving a positive outcome regarding my claim, which I could not have achieved on my own.

- Gibson Street

I was very impressed with the team at Perth City Legal. Matt was professional, knowledgeable, and always available to answer my questions. He took the time to fully understand my case and provided clear guidance throughout the process. I was very happy with the outcome!

- Elliott Jackson

I can definitely recommend Perth City Legal. All the staff are so helpful, caring and quick to respond when asked for information. Carl Messina is such a lovely person, will go above and beyond to help and works so so hard. Tracey Sleight - the Paralegal - is a dept of knowledge and is always available at the end of a phone. A massive thank you Perth City Legal 💗

- Lisa Hackett

I needed help and Perth City Legal represented me and dealt with my claim. The settlement outcome was a lot more than I expected thanks to the work done by Matt and his team in a very professional and timely manner. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need.

- Cynthia Tauarua

Carl has handled my WorkCover claim for over 2 years. He is knowledgeable, passionate and guides you to the best outcome at each point in the case. Tracey was also a great help throughout, taking my phone calls and giving guidance and reassurance. I'm very grateful to the team and all their efforts. Couldn't recommend them any more highly.

- Jessica Mitchell

A great service from Carl, Declan and Tracey.  Always responded to my concerns, giving prompt considered answers.  Fees reasonable and sound legal advice at every step.  Definitely would recommend.

- Charlotte Williams